Don’t Know What’s Worse Losing To a Non Entity ie SEVCO Or Losing On Penaltys


Don’t know what’s worse losing to a non entity ie SEVCO or losing on penalty’s , the later is a lottery so I’m not going to blame the players who missed McGregor and Rogic because both had decent games when they came on ….

I just can’t bring myself to give a team who quite frankly shouldn’t exist any credit, even though they were the better team in the first half , our lads looked weary in the opening exchanges and this was pivotal in SEVCO running the show  ,a slip up by brown led to the ball falling at the feet of Kenny  Miller and the striker scored the first goal….

The zombie hoards didn’t take long to bring out the loyalist songbook and the slaughter of Fenians was soon  echoing around Hampden ,Celtic did have more chances first half than the new club but most were of target none more so than young Patrick Roberts who had been in good form lately , he missed a open goal from a rebounded shot which he put into the side netting….

 This fixture is not an enjoyable one for near 2 hours I was physically feeling sick not from the tension of the game but the injustice of the team in blue even being in existence , it reeks of hypocrisy, sadly this is the world we live in , Ronnie Deila was going to have to have one helluva half time talk , and it seemed like he did because 2 nd half Celtic took over,  Sviatchenko scored a quick fire equalizer and might have had a second soon after…

The hoops were Passing the ball better and the new team were looking a bit star struck , chances would come and go for Celtic and to be fair it was the SEVCO goalie who kept them in it , extra time loomed large and when the 90 was up it was Celtic who were edging it , but just when you thought the game couldn’t get any crazier the new club scored what was a crackerjack of a goal  in the first period of extra time , it pains me to say it but at this point I thought it might not be our day , the first 15 mins of extra time came and went and I was left wondering if this tribute act might pull it off…

Tom rogic answered the Celtic faithfuls prayers coming of the bench and scoring a fantastic equalizer to level the tie in the 2nd period of extra time  , again Celtics play was good , with the exception of the first half  Celtic had the rest of the game till 120 mins , yeah SEVCO passed the ball well but with no penetration , Thompson the referee had a good game all in and for a first time in a while in these games was impartial….

it would finish 2-2 and like the previous semi final on the Saturday between hibs and Inverness go to penalty’s , for me their is nothing more gut wrenching than a shootout , it’s a lottery and to be fair to the players they shouldn’t have been in this position but fate would seem to be in sevcos hands this season and they were lucky to get through 5-4 in the shootout, the season now hinges on closing the league out … the remaining 5 games !!!..

It looks like a rebuild is on the cards from the manager to the players , I said months ago Ronnie deila should be allowed to finish the job then we would assess things at the end , obviously it’s clear he lost 70 per cent of the fans mid season , and no matter what happens I now think he will leave in the summer , I’m never a fan of putting added pressure on a manager but it does seem like Celtic fans have adopted this trait in the last few yrs ….

Decisions should be made at the end not half way through , I feel sorry for the boss as he’s had to handle a lot of abuse , in some way those fans have contributed to what’s been a disappointing season , even if we win the title ……… maybe the next boss will be afforded a bit more respect by those fickle fans….

 I’ve supported Ronnie throughout the campaign and I will do so till the last kick of the ball  change is coming whether I like it or not , I only wish it could have been in more respectful Conditions , I hope Ronnie Deila leaves the club knowing not all Celtic fans were against him and some  like myself  could see what he was trying to do , il wish the guy all the best he tryed he will leave with 3 trophy’s from 6 not a bad return if you ask me in 2 yrs , we’re all hurting from the Scottish cup result to SEVCO but tomorrow is another day and our values out way any so called revival from a bunch of cheats /tax evaders / and gerrymanders ….

The MSM will be creaming their pants at the result and you can bet most will run with a 40 page pull out of their favorites triumph ,just another crazy day in scotlands goldfish bowl hh

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THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 6 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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1 Response to Don’t Know What’s Worse Losing To a Non Entity ie SEVCO Or Losing On Penaltys

  1. Tankie says:

    What amazes the neutral observer about these and similar articles published here is the depth of sheer irrational, petty-minded bitterness that characterises the authors. Their hatred for their opponents consumes them like an acid, and while they seem to see themselves as paragons of fairness, truth and goodness, they do not realise that, to the rest of us, they appear every bit as tiresome and nauseating as the people they oppose. What makes this all the more sad is that most – and on both sides of the sectarian division – are ordinary working class Scots, that is, people who should be united in their hatred of the economic system that exploits them. But instead of devoting themselves to fighting against economic injustice – a far mo worthy object of their hatred – they allow themselves to be distracted by what is, after all, a game. It was ever thus,of course, from the days of the Roman dictators with their bread and circuses to the present day. Some people never learn but the rests of us should not descen to their level.

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