I Nearly Choked On My Cereal This Morning When I Read Sevco5088 Will Lose 250.000 Of There 474.750 Prize Money For Winning The Championship after losing EBT appeal



I nearly choked on my cereal this morning when I read sevco5088 will lose 250.000 of there 474.750 prize money for winning the championship after losing the EBT appeal,seriously somethings just make you smile,4 yrs later and the oldco are still haunting the phoenix club with there legal bills,the sfa will be rubbing their hands together at the thought of paying sevco 224.750 in prize money for a championship win,Dave king will be furious because the money is already in the control of the sfa and theres no getting out of paying it,because from history thats what THAT club does dodges liability and gerrymanders their way through a financial year…..

The smokescreens up at ibrox there finances are a lot poorer than they’d have us believe and with any financial hit on the club its painful,its hard to write this piece without absolutely pissing myself laughing,because i know just like a lot of other bloggers do this clubs doomed,its only a matter of time ,when rangers fc 1872-2012 were in exsistance they thought they could buy success ,David Murray the ultimate conman chucked money at varies managers to try to catch Celtic,in a endless failed attempts to emulate Celtic fine European cup win rangers spent money they didn’t have,continuously buying players they couldn’t afford ,so the ebt scheme was introduced to dodge tax payments and free up more money to be spent on a whim….



The past has a habit of catching up on cheats and the loyalist hoardes who follow the new club will be spewing,on one hand they want to be tagged with the same club moniker,but on the other they don’t want the liability ,on days like these when Ive not slept well and im a bit tired knowing their pain is a great tonic,with still yet more legal cases to be heard the ghost of rangers fc 1872-2012 is int going away anytime soon for sevco 5088 ,their expected win in the championship will see their maiden outing in the big league having come from the lower reaches of Scottish football,it wont be a picnic for the new club having already lost games to premier opposition on several occasions…

Our very own Celtic schooled them in the league cup last season and 2-0 should have been much more but Ronnie deila told the bhoys to go easy 2 nd half as he was worried about a riot in his first game against the weeco,we once again meet the tribute act in the Scottish cup in a few weeks and another bitch slapping is on the cards ,this time though id show no mercy…………………………….. So as one legal appeal is lost the bitter pill sevco will have to swallow will not be the last the tax-man is on there case still and if theres one thing about hector he always gets his wonga…..



when old Dave king thinks there s a wee lull in the hate towards his club up pops another reason to have a go at Scotlands shame,it used to be the celtic fans who hated rangers fc before death their adopted club sevco has taken the mantle now and all of Scotlands clubs feel disdain for them,justified it certainly is the institution is a embarrassment to the game their fans are the most vile hardcore loyalists that have been following the previous regime ,nxt season we will get a up close and personal look at these Neanderthals when they visit Scotlands premier league stadiums,advice would be prepare for your ears to be polluted with the poison of 300 odd yrs of loyalist Fenian hating ,angry writing is over im thinking back to the top headline 250.000 reasons why my day is going to be a good one….HAPPY EASTER AND GOD BLESS ….HH YNWA


Steven Mcnamara
Aka Maclad1888 HH


About Maclad1888

THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 8 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding stuff.so enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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9 Responses to I Nearly Choked On My Cereal This Morning When I Read Sevco5088 Will Lose 250.000 Of There 474.750 Prize Money For Winning The Championship after losing EBT appeal

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  2. One area I would disagree is your take on the League cup game last year. I think it was a pathetic performance from Celtic failing to really put them to the sword. They went into the game knowing they would be beaten and used damage limitation tactics. This time though they believe they have a chance. If Celtic go into the game with the right attitude it could reach double figures but the way things are going right now Ronnie and the team will go into the game just happy to win and get through.


  3. I wonder what the costs will be on top. Needless to say they wont have to worry, it will merely be deducted.


  4. BampotsUtd.wordpress.com says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.


  5. pmarsh22 says:

    Yep, think if they get £25k for winning their glorious championship, of which 50% ish are part timers, they will be very lucky. A very well earned reward don’t you think, what goes round, comes round.


  6. brian says:

    There’s nothing left after the accumulated interest & court fees are paid.
    Oh dear how sad never mind eh?


  7. Terry says:

    250,000 plus costs off 150,000 and growing


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