Prepare for the 2 nd coming it’s time ?? MAYBE!


There’s s lot of puffed out chests coming from the SEVCO bandwagon within the tribute act itself and rolling out to its fans , 4 yrs ago the new club suggested it would be back after winning 3 rd 2 nd and 1st divisions back to back and sweeping all aside that comes before there glorious self, a blip apart last year it looks like they could finally achieve this feat, hibs are getting to there coatails then slipping away again and good old SEVCO just seem to have the edge..

by know means does this football fan want to see the parasite , Scotland’s shame, tax evaders uk , back in the top flight , yes there a new club of 4 years history , yes they bear the same mark as the devil incarnate Rangers fc 1872-2012,the blue strip and rfc badge , they play at ibrox , the Msm adore there unionist figurehead and the loyalist hoardes bigoted drone is beginning to infest song sheets in and around Scotland’s football grounds , it seems soon the bastardised rfc will return to reap its own kind of sectarian hatred across scotland , worrying times indeed for all decent football fans who in the last 4 yrs have moved on from the hate fest ,even myself who back then was engulfed in the frenzied loathing of another denomination of football fans and a club who’s very presence made me sick to my stomach.

This time though Celtic fans and club won’t be alone in there fight against , Scotland’s unionist figurehead , most of the premier league teams now hate them also, and if they do make the unthinkable happen end of May season 2016 is going to be one off putting the child in its place , if the blue hoardes thought they were hated back in 2012 with big brother Rangers then what there about to revive in 2016 is a whole new level of hate and destain, the Msm will feed the loyalist frenzy by trying to maintain the same club moniker that’s there job after all..


there’s always been a undercurrent of gerrymandering in scotland to maintain that Rangers never died , they simply told everyone to f##k off went on a sabbatical for 4 yrs and writ off 140 million of tax payers money with no shame or regret and now there going to be back with a clean slate, dellousional grandure sums them up , they want the best of both worlds to be called Rangers not SEVCO , to have the history , if you’d payed yer bills and not liquidated in the eyes of scotland sain football fans you may have been called Rangers , but unlike hearts who also administrated the edinburgh club payed its debt to society and remains hearts football club..

SEVCO 5088 is your name even X directors have admitted this in legal ongoing court cases the paperwork backs this up , Charles green former director has explained that indeed SEVCO and rangers are 2 different entity’s , yet most of the loyalist enclaves in scotland think nxt season if they return it will be like the pheonixs rising from the ashes and the mighty dead Rangers will march through the Scottish game punishing all who slandered her ,sorry boys but not happening , everyone hates what the oldco stood for and you guys well your just a parasite a leech a disease a smell that won’t go away , but let’s be honest just like Rangers 1872-2012 you’ll die trying Hh


Maclad1888 HH

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THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 6 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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  5. Anonymous says:

    Couple of songs for the come back if it happens.

    1st for all Scottish football fans-
    ( to the tune of the king of kings)

    Rangers, they died in 2012
    And that includes their history,
    The Huns the died in 2012
    Cause they didnae pay their majesty

    Now your Sevco, x3
    With no history
    Now your sevco x2
    You should have fuckin paid your majesty

    2nd tune for Champions only

    Tell all the Huns you know
    That it’s gonna be 10 in a row.
    Cause you let your club
    We laughed when you cried
    And you will always be known as Sevco


  6. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.


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