Karma,and Irony ..Administration/Liquidation..Sevco5088


Sevco,irony,karma,administration then liquidation these are the words on most lips today as sevco5088 look once again into the abyss , Charles green is winning the battle to have his legal fees payed by the dead Rangers 1872-2012 , with the tax case against the dead club still ongoing and at appeal and Craig Whytes shadow always cast over the halls of Mordor , the tribute act are edging ever closer to another administration and liquidation event , Mike Ashley is also waiting to pick at the bones of Scotland’s shame with a 5 million pound loan awaiting repaying …


the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.”‘Don’t go overboard with the gratitude,’ he rejoined with heavy irony”synonyms: sarcasm, sardonicism, dryness, causticity, sharpness, acerbity, acid, bitterness, trenchancy, mordancy, cynicism; More a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.

This is sevco5088 a secondary Or additional definition that wouldn’t be out of place in the dictionary

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

The crimes of Rangers fc 1872-2012 have had a direct impact on the day to day running of sevco 5088 aka karma , do we see the pattern here .

With all the shennigins thats been going on down edmondson drive way for 4 yrs inc the late rangers fc fiasco,its no wonder the internet has been awash with rumors and counter rumors of a event like 2012,mr king hasent provided anyone any proof that there is investment and has there books for 2015 even been produced,still not trading on the stock market sevco5088 are surely hanging on by there coatails to survival,the fact the product on the park has managed to actually put together a decent season is admirable we all knew that the whole sorry affair would take yrs to sort out and todays events are just the begining ,of course we have to be careful what we say as its a ongoing case and the crown has warned people about how they write or speak about the situation….

How many individuals or companys were effected by rangers fc s careless spending during the murray yrs ,justice has never really been served and the media and establishments had chosen to circle around the true protagonists ,maybe now in the coming months and dare i say it years the real culprits will be brought to justice ,time will tell lets see !!!


About Maclad1888

THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 6 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding stuff.so enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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3 Responses to Karma,and Irony ..Administration/Liquidation..Sevco5088

  1. At the risk of being pedantic, Chuckles isn’t in a battle with dead rangers 1872-2012 to have his legal fees paid. His claim is against Rangers International Football Club Ltd. Sevco 5088 are not looking into an abyss, Sevco Scotland, now known as The Rangers Football Club Ltd, are and here’s hoping they fall headlong into it never to return.


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  3. Popcorn then jelly and ice cream please 🙂


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