Murrays to Blame For Fall Of Ranger 1873-2012..

Rangers chairman Murray sits alongside newly appointed team manager Smith during a news conference near Glasgow Scotland

A number of companies run by former Rangers owner Sir David Murray are being wound up.

The nine companies are: Murray Outsourcing; PPG Land; Premier Burrell; GM Mining; Murray Group Holdings; Murray International Holdings; The Premier Property Group; Murray Group Management; and MMH NSS.

The recent news that David Murray’s business ventures were in debt comes as no surprise to me, the aforementioned x chairman of Rangers fc has a lot if questions to answer, to me this is the man Rangers supporters should be challenging and not Craig Whyte and Charles Green, Mr Murray bailed on deadco Rangers because they were going nowhere, the money. Was drying up and the bank was calling their debt in, an easy out for Mr Murray was the deal with Craig Whyte, to be fair to him a pound for a multi million pound business. It’s a no brainer.

But Had Whyte not tried to con the taxman out of millions of pounds he might have Had Rangers heading in the right direction,but his mistake was greed and a year and a half later he was calling in the administrators followed by liquidators soon after….Craig Whyte and Charles Green have been covered a lot and it’s no doubt they quite simply weren’t Appropriate people to run the club….


I don’t want to stray from my Attack on the protagonist.Which is sir David..because like I say he was the main reason Rangers died, had he stayed in charge there would have been the same outcome but the x chairman would have shouldered some blame..Today as i speak the tribute Act is at near meltdown,living day-to-day on handouts and goodwill. But at some points this will fail again and they will again goto the wall…if there’s any justice in the world the 140 creditors the old Rangers owe money to will get their money…

In the end I’d like to see David Murray taken to task on his tenure of Rangers 1873-2012 for 20 yrs he conned and swindled his way through millions of pounds of the people’s money without as much as a question from the sfa or the banks that were payrolling Rangers, how did he sleep at night knowing he was spending money he didn’t have, his famous quote for every fiver Celtic spend we will spend ten was true in every fact, multiple millions gifted to Dick Advocate and Walter Smith, and Graham souness with one goal to capture the one trophy that always alluded rangers 1873-2012 the big eared cup…

Murray dream was simple emulate Celtic at all costs the European cup effectively was what killed Rangers the millions spent trying to be the second Scottish club to win the trophy,like the 9 in a row it was all for nothing, they equalled that record but never beat it, Celtic did that first too..This was all to much for sir David Murray his empire came crashing down around him, luckily for him he was the only one aware of it, and he set in motion his plan to escape by the back door,the recent news that his other business assets are in turmoil further emphasises the gaul..of the man..

Rangers 1873-2012 fans need to wake up and see the true story, yes Craig Whyte administrated and Liquidated yer club,yes Charles Green seen a quick buck and got run out-of-town, but blinded by the Murray yrs you’re not seeing what I and everyone else knows David Murray shafted you,fleeced yer money and when the dreams of European cups and super stadia disapaited…he sold it not to the highest bidder but the first mug through the door…



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