Israel STOP This Genocide……The West Hang Your Head In Shame!!!


Theres always 2 sides to every story and the ever escalating events in the Gazza strip throw up many such stories,there’s life’s being lost on both sides of the conflict but the numbers don’t add up,this isnt a fair fight …..while the Palestinians have mobile rockets as there most sophisticated weapon of choice at their disposal,Israel has the best anti rocket system on the planet payed for by the west ,it has an elite army and airforce and has the Palestinian people boxed in with its navy at sea..all of the above being payed for by the west ..the uk and usa have a lot to answer for with regards to this enclave in the middle east..this foothold is obviously worth the slaughter of innocents on both sides …

now im not as ignorant to dismiss the fact that Israelis are losing there lifes as well as Palestinians,that would be wrong any life lost for financial gain or oil is wrong,the jews should never have been placed there in the first place …the land was stolen from the Palestinian people and like any citizen theve been fighting for yrs to win it back…

but the west seen this as a good opportunity to build a nation and arm it to the teeth to have some sort of control in the region,it’s not paranoia its fact ….


This war has been going on for yrs think of the lives lost ,at some point Israel will accept a ceasefire it always does ,but by then thousands will have died …the west will try to sweep it under the carpet yet again till the next time,its time Israel were punished for crimes against humanity..of course they will speak about their losses ,but compared to Palestines casualty list its night and day,they shouldnt be able to hide behind their dead …guilty of hanus slaughter of women and children and innocent unarmed men….


we can sit here and talk of this all day,while the main stream medias coverage of this is stifled by baby Georges first birthday,and the commonwealth games ,human beings are being slaughtered right now as i write this very post,only yesterday i saw a video that upset me so much that i had to do this post,a young man searching for survivors of a bomb blast shot in the hand by a sniper who waited for a few more minutes to see if he could entice in any other victims to shoot before finally shooting the young man dead,this is the kind of mentality the israeli troops have been brainwashed with it’s sickening and wrong at every level…



War is a dirty business but if one side is significantly weaker than the other than usually the wider world steps in to help ,it just seems that because Palestine has nothing to offer the west there going to stand idly by and watch this develop…shame on you !!!!..

Its time Israel was punished not let off till the next time right now as i write another Palestinian life may have been lost more to many …this has to stop and the west has to be seen at the forefront of it all ,if not is it really surprising that the middle eastern people see us as an enemy for there jihad …i hope good sense and justice prevail…………………..



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